B I C Y C L E, was a one-week intensive material-based project commissioned by European Furniture Group (EFG), challenging the after life of the office furniture, which was later exhibited in Norway's Designers’ Saturday-event in Oslo. The fast pace and the constantly fluctuating conditions in the contemporary office culture has resulted to an ever increasing volumes of abandoned office furniture. For various reasons usable furniture are considered as waste and replaced by new; which is a paradox for both the design and furniture manufacturing industries. B I C Y C L E with its overall contemporary feel transcends the boundaries of reusing waste by transferring an old office chair and an abandoned bike into a new object for use. It tends to educate the end users that design itself is a theme for change, and motivate them to look differently at practices.

  • Category
    Sustainability, Furniture, Industrial Design
  • Client
    EFG. European Furniture Group
  • Location
    Oslo, Norway
  • Project was a part of a course at KHiO.

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