Epoch of the Crab


Dorna in collaboration with Trond Mikkelsen has developed the digital forms and sculptures for an installation by Inghild Karlsen in Kirkenes, Norway, called “Epoch of the Crab”. The exhibition "Barents Spektakel" presents a selection of works from five artists – as an art movement to follow the Russia connections, from both a historical and contemporary perspective. Epoch of the Crab is an installation of the five exhibitions by Inghild Karlsen focusing on the theme of change for all living beings as a result of collaboration done with research communities in Tromsø, Svalbard and Murmansk.

  • Category
    Digital Forming
  • Client
    Inghild Karlsen
  • Location
    Oslo, Norway
  • In collaboration with © Inghild Karlsen, Trond Kasper Mikkelsen and Bjørn Birkeland

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